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Welcoming A Child Into Your Family

A successful adoption is a cause for joy and celebration at the arrival of the newest member of your family. But it can take a lot of paperwork and legal action to arrive at that happy moment. Providing for the well-being of a child is a huge commitment, and there are laws in place to help ensure that prospective parents are prepared for the responsibilities of raising a son or daughter.

These legal hurdles can often feel like a maze of red tape. At Wayment & Jones Law, our goal is to help cut through that red tape so that you can focus on welcoming your child into your home and learning the ropes of parenthood.


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    Secure Your Parental Rights Quickly And Efficiently

    It is not legally possible to solicit adoptions in Utah, and no lawyer can absolutely guarantee that your case will culminate in a successful adoption. At Wayment & Jones Law, however, we can help you identify birth parents who are looking for another family to adopt their child. Alternatively, many of our clients find such birth parents on their own and come to us for assistance in formalizing an agreement that has already been reached unofficially.

    We can help confirm that all relevant parties approve of the adoption, including both birth parents whenever applicable. In this way, we can avoid unwanted surprises such as an absent birth father seeking to reclaim parental rights just before or after an adoption has been finalized.

    We help facilitate adoptions throughout the United States. We have helped children born in Utah find their way into homes as far away as Washington, D.C., and we have found homes in Utah for children born in Nebraska, Arizona and many other states.

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    We are committed to helping you build your family in your own way and making the law a tool that works for you rather than an obstacle.